Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Has anyone switched to Blogger in Beta????

is it hard to do and do you lose anything? with my luck, it will lose my year's worth of posts.
another day of nothing. very nice. i like nothing days. a man came in at the last minute to pay for a book he lost...literally at 7:56pm. he insisted he had to pay for it then and there because he was moving to a "new community". those were his words. i asked where he was moving to, thinking he was going far away or atleast, out of state. nope. he's moving to Cranston. i had to bite my tongue when i nicely told him that any RI library could have handled the lost book collection for him. Grrrrrrrr. he already uses the library in Cranston as he had 8 bucks in overdue fines there.
our new counter if fucked. if two people come in through the door together, or even, one right on the heels of the other (or three), the counter will only 'see' one person. so, our counts are waaaaay off and very low, which will fuck up our statistics royally. last week, we counted over 600 and today we had barely 200. yes, it was a slower day but not THAT slow. THAT slow would be a thursday night, in the dead of winter with a snowstorm raging.
i bought some orange and black yarn and i am crocheting a Halloween scarf for myself. thrilling, eh?

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