Friday, October 06, 2006


i almost missed my visit at 1:00 because i reset my alarm for 12:55 instead of 12:05. i got up at 12:12. then, when i got to the prison, i could not get my glove compartment open. i keep my mesh bag with coins, a doctor's note, the scedule and my license in the glove compartment, so i always have it. it took me several minutes but, after much sweating and swearing, i opened it. the most important thing to take away from this visit is the knowlege that i beat my husband at cards three games to two. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA! he looked awful...very tired. he had an appointment with his counselor and she gave him info on arthritis and the pain meds that of which i already take for fibro....Ultram. she also said she would talk to the psych to get him on something better for sleep and mentioned Benadryl, too. few people realixe that this is prescribed (still) as a 'sleeping pill'. he needs more than that, though.
in case i forgot to mention it, the skinny kid's dad was moved to another mod.

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