Tuesday, October 24, 2006


a trustee meeting tonight. i despise them. they are lazy. they could be doing a lot more for the library but all they do it talk, talk, talk. they are not 'good' to the staff as we are not a physical part of the building therefore we do not matter. i especially despise the Loud Pig. she is a big bully of a 'woman'...very Butchy, Loud and Onerous. i was crocheting at the staff table on my break as she and the other trustees were leaving. Loud Pig is talking to the director about the candy that is on the candy table. then she proceeds to TAKE food from our circheads desk (granola bars and snack bars she eats and leaves open in case one of us needs a boost). the director had to TELL HER that that was someone's PERSONAL DESK and it was their food. bitch. luckily, she did not see the Hallmark Spellbook full of candy that i brought in tonight. the Spellbook was from last year (buy 3 cards get the candy holder for $9.99). when the Spellbook is opened, it says one of several things in a witchy voice and holds a LOT of candy. by the way, according to Maniac Mike, candy at CVS it the cheapest at $1.88 a bag. the director says Target has bags at 3 for $5 but not a good selection.
anyway, the Loud Pig comes into the staff room and proceeds to question me about what i was making. i told her that i was making a scarf and she said "that's too wide. maybe you're making a shawl." fuck you. i can make my scarves as wide and as long as i want, with or without fringe. then she tells me she crochets but only uses metal hooks and can't believe they now make plastic hooks to which i reply, "metal is too heavy for me. i use bone or plastic". asshole. and it is true. the metal hooks are too heavy and i do not have good control over the yarn with them. ya 'know. too each his own. plus, she reeked of garlic. then, another trustee, who was a former children's librarian, whom i also despise, came in and put her 2 cents in and SHE reeked of "unwashed food smelly" clothes. she usually does.
are the Trustees at ANY library ever any good? all i here are horror stories about them. and our Friends of the library are another big joke. they do so very little in a wealthy town. they should be pulling in the money. whenever they do anything, circ usually has to do the work...selling shirts and bags, selling tickets and keeping track of all of it. when i was in Cape Coral Florida, in their refurbished and expanded library, the director told me the Friends raised $90,000!!!!. yep. i typed it correctly. they raised the money for the beautiful marble fountain on a beautiful terrace for patrons to sit and read, for leather chairs and real mahogany wood trim. they went ALL out. it was a beautiful library AND they had a huge, sunny staff room with mucho counter space and two full size refridgerators! and a COUCH that was comfy and lots of tables and chairs.
that was my night. blah, blah, blah.

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