Sunday, October 15, 2006

withdrawal, meth, visit, casino

well, it has been 4 days now without a Starbucks and i am just not doing well. migraine, tired, achey, shaky...some serious withdrawal going on. so, tomorrow AM i am getting up early enough so that i can stop for coffee on my way to work.
apparently, we have a meth lab in the backroom at the library. saturday, one staff member kept going back their, used bottles of distilled water and created all kinds of noises. nah, it's just the DVD cleaner/grinder. she has been grinding them out all week. i usually pick up distilled water when i'm at MallWart for 59 cents a gallon. she bought distilled water from God knows where for $1.49 a gallon and she saved the receipt so the library will pay her back! at a buck forty-nine a gallon! what, is it Holy water?
anyway, the visit today was awful. both of us felt crappy, the heat was turned on full blast so that it was like sitting in a Swedish sauna and NONE of the vending machines worked. no drinks and no snacks. them, i lost at cards again 6-4. there was no interesting people to talk about or make fun of. Maniac Mike asked how i was voting on the Indian Casino question and, natch, i am voting YES. it's about time our own Native tribe got a chance to make money to support their people. hell, half of RI migrates to Connecticut each weekend to play why shouldn't WE have that money. so what if some people get displaced...maybe then they'll know how the Palestinians feel and how it was to be Native American when the white man came to town.

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