Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wednesday with Waverly and the director

felt weird today...that weird feeling i haven't really had in a long tome. the feeling that says , "hide!" but i went to work because the circhead is on vacation again (did i mention that?) and it would be only Waverly and i on the desk. (Waverly and me?) the director actually came in AT NIGHT to relieve me so i could have a break and not have to worry about the new guy being alone. actually, he handles himself just fine and, if it was a regular night and not a crazy wednesday Book Buddies/Reading Group night he would have been fine all alone. we had lots of people, though (810) and it really called for some help. it will be nice when we finally have 3 people on wednesday night again.
Hino borrowed my digital camera to take pics to sell stuff on Ebay. i wonder what happened to his camera? i wonder what he is selling and i wonder if he paid his car insurance? also, did auntie buy any Hallowen candy because i am getting some and i can pick some up on sale at CVS.
i let it spill to our mother-to-be that we are having pizza for her on monday (but she still doesn't know about cake on Halloween, her last day). so, i begged her to act surprised and she said she would. duh on me!

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