Wednesday, October 18, 2006


nothing going on. apparently Waverly will be working with us wednesday nights after he leaves his job at Blockbuster. the night was relatively slow, though i had to hear about the circheads little toe hurting her because she stubbed it and i guess someone told her she may have a hairline fracture or something. i don't know where she went to find this out but she was late to work and had a bandaid on the toe. she said it was swollen but it was hard to tell. i know when my mother dropped a table on my big toe, it broke and hurt like HELL. ballooned up immediately and i went to the hospital where they took X-rays and told me it was broken. of course, there is nothing you can do about a broken toe but try and stay off it.
working tomorrow morning, leaving at 4pm for a visit and returning to work for some overtime at 6pm because we are one person down.
ho hum. that's all for today.

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