Saturday, October 07, 2006

Liquid Vinyl

i have finally changed my september orange nail polish to my october black nail polish. it's by Orly and it's called Liquid Vinyl and it like wearing 10 little black holes on my hands.
these are not my feet, but my ten toe nails are painted black as well.
i'm going out for a 4:00 visit. i intend to win at cards even though i have a migraine. i think i have a migraine because i have not had my pumpkin spice latte yet. i think i am an addict. finally, i am addicted to something! i feel like i BELONG.
by the way, all the gifts we gave to Mrs R yesterday were from me, Maniac Mike, Hino and, she thanked Hino, too. i forgot to bring you a piece of cake...sorry!

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