Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Baby Shower

the library staff is holding a baby shower for our computer tech this friday around 5:30. i hate any kind of get together but i'm going to this one since it is right after a visit. i bought her a baby monitor set, Sony, with one year warranty. she was registered at Babies R Us so that made picking this out easy. i spent $57. i don't know what other staff are buying, so i don't know if this gift cost too much or too little. i have heard that someone will buy a stuffed animal (bad move) and others are chipping in for a mattress. i didn't bother to see what the mattress cost. oh, well...i know she really, really wanted the monitors, so be it. and they are from me, MM and Hino. i might buy some little stuff, too. Target has shit when it comes to baby rattles.

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