Wednesday, October 11, 2006

too tired to blog

it was a hellacious night at the library and i am tired, my back hurts and i have a stitch under my ribs. there were only two of us on the desk and the delivery was so late, we lost the day crew and had to process it by ourselves. i have to say, we were very low on weirdos and troublemakers tonight, so that was good.
now i am burning a Vanilla Oak Yankee Candle, drinking Ethos water and waiting for the shower to heat up. after my shower, i am going to write a dirty letter to my husband, repaint my nails and then, when they are dry, go to bed! how exciting my life is!
(well, maybe i'll take a peek at Hot or Not, too. it's an addiction, like my Starbucks Lattes. now, i wake up with a migraine that does not go away until i take pills AND have a coffee.)

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