Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hello Kitty HK humidifier for the bedroom, but that would conflict with the halloween theme. hmmm. oh, i can put it in the bathroon...which is now called The Penguin Bathroom (aka Poppy's room) because it is decorated with penguins. when spring comes around, i plan to redecorate with HK items...shower curtain, bathmat, towels...whatever. i do already have 2 sets of these towels in the kitchen and i have a pop up hamper that i put the trash bag in. and i have a small metal trash can for recyclables.
funny thing about one of the towels that i keep hung over (is that right? sounds like i give it too much whiskey!) the handle of the is always discumbobulated, disheveled, moved or on the floor. i think it might be the train. a dozen times a day i have to fix it. i may fix it, walk away then reenter the kitchen and the darn towel is all lopsided. so, it's the train or i have a ghost who only likes pink HK towels and nothing else.
have i mentioned that i am gonna be 42? well, i think i'll grow up NEXT year!

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