Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hogwarts Express!

this is a picture of the mill i now live in before renovation. it shows the bell tower with the original bell (1867, i think) and very little of the mill and complex. there is a small building that is original to the site, that leads one safely (i hope!) under the train tracks. i can use this building if i have to park in the upper lot. the trees cover the main entrance. my apartment is on the 2nd floor far to the left. one feature that i do LOVE about the place is the train. it goes by around 9:30pm weekdays and around 2:00am in the morning but it is not VERY reliable. when the train goes by, i can stand in the middle of my living room and feel a minor earthquake. shit rattles..loads of fun! i do love trains! the lower lot parking in front of the tracks is so close, you can practically reach out and touch the train as it goes by (not recommended!). the most cars i have been able to count as they went by was 84.
a quick mention: the snow plowing of the first major storm of the season was HORRENDOUS! please...i pay crazy rent...SHOVEL the damn walkways!!!

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