Sunday, July 23, 2006

skinny kid eats!

remember the two really skinny kids? the other day, the girl was sitting on the mom's lap, bent over and the mother was actually counting the girl's vertebrae and laughing about it!
well, today, the skinny boy was not with them. another, healthy looking boy, about a foot shorter than the girl but weighing more, was with the mother and the girl. he must have been 7 or 8 and he had his own money. at one point, he tried to get some candy out of the bubblegum machine, but the girl stopped him.
in the visiting room, the mother and father got their usual and the girl got a bag of chips! the other boy, probably a nephew, got a drink, chips and, according to Maniac Mike, who could see their table, a whole shitload of stuff. he had his own money. kudos to his parent who had the foresight to send him with money probably knowing that the skinny kids' parents never got them anything! but, guess what? later on, the girl got her very own bag of skittles. woo hoo! she was pigging out, the poor thing. we are SURE that if that other boy was not there, the girl would have had nothing as usual. we feel that the mom did not want the other boy to report back to HIS parents that the girl never ate or drank throughout the visit, but the grown-ups did.

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