Thursday, July 27, 2006

taxes return!

my sister helped me with my taxes this year as always. this was the first year i could not claim Hino, so i knew i would end up paying taxes since i had nothing taken out. well, Maniac Mike paid our taxes of $732.00. does not sound like much but i only make 17,000 a year. well, seems sister and i royally fucked up and today i got a CHECK in the mail for $639 plus $5.00 interest from the IRS. seems we overpaid. a lot. i'm wondering if this is some kind of set up. give me back money and whoops! heehee we want it back. but, a letter explained what we did wrong and why i got the money back yet i still don't get it. i'll take it, though.
i have to say, seeing a letter from the IRS in the mailbox is quite a shocker. i thought we royally screwed up and i owed them hundreds more. it's way worse than getting a cut off notice for the electricity, but not so bad as getting an eviction notice.

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