Friday, July 07, 2006


we have had a really cool patron for all the years i've been working at the library. his name is Alex and i believe he is mildly autistic. he has been a really cool, polite kid and now he's even on the payroll! Alex is about 13 or 14 and he has been volunteering at the library for about six months. he started by putting away the children's room videos and DVDs. as a patron, he would enjoy doing this. now, he is getting paid for it! he has also progressed to the adult DVDs and videos. he keeps the shelves neat and straight and is great at his job. i think he is scheduled for 3 hours a week and mostly comes in with his teacher, who is a very lovely, patient lady. his dad is cool, too. i don't know his mom very well yet.
the other day, he took out a book on plumbing and the circhead asked if he wanted to be a plumber. he said no, he wanted to be a librarian and when we asked him why, he said he liked putting away books and videos. weel, he IS good at it!

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