Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Town Hall Dress Code

our town hall has issued a dress code. it's pretty lame. basically says, use some sense. apparently, they get to have dress down fridays and wear jeans. our director says they pay for this privilege. i asked if, since we are closed saturdays in the summer, could we have a dress down friday and wear jeans. it's not that i really, really WANT to wear jeans (though it makes my wardrobe pickin' easier), it's that i want to GET something outta this, y'know? Town sends over a lame ass letter and i want something for having it shoved in my locker and for having to read it. damn. settle our contract already and then we can talk dress code. the only good thing about an unsettled contract is the retro pay.
i ate again today. half a poppy seed bagel with strawberry cream cheese and a piece of watermelon. still nauseaus but getting better.
i wish i could report on some lousy patrons, but all the lousy patrons stayed home tonight, so it was pretty easy. i do get awfully miffed at the circhead though. first of all, she ALWAYS unpacks the delivery and never processes it. we set up days for each of us to unpack precisey because some people were hogging the easy job of unpacking and ignoring the desk. she made that rule! then, on wednesdays, she is supposed to call holds. she makes a BIG freakin' production out of it and one of us ends up doing the bulk of the calling because she will actually say things like, "oh, i just can't hear one more answering machine just now" and go off and do something else while the suckers finish her calls. well, i am so sick of it, i do not help call anymore on wednesdays. i'll help everyone else because we ALL (except the circhead) help eachother out. funny thing is: when her friends call her up at work, she has plenty of time to talk to them and doesn't mind using the phone at that time. hurumph.

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