Thursday, July 27, 2006

who's driving?

now that i feel better, Hino and i are supposed to go to a flea market saturday or sunday. i don't yet know who will be driving. he has space, but i have a convertible. if it's really nice out, i should drive. infact, i should drive just because. just because. basically because i am one of those people who cannot let another person drive without feeling...out of control. i sit in the passenger seat and press the invisible brakes. i clutch the door handle. i have terrible visions of mangled wrecks. i feel sweaty. Hino has a BIG you could dock the space shuttle in the back and still have plenty of leg room. i am not used to this. i don't know what i will mentally DO with all the room. and the windshield is as big, i swear, as the view screen of the Starship Enterprise. i don't need to see that much road. and i know he is going to touch things and fiddle with things and have talking GPS satellite telemetry and it will just be too much for me to handle. maybe i'll just lay down in the back with a cool cloth over my eyes until we get there. i'll just pretend i'm in an ambulance and he can roll me out the back when we arrive. i'll be the one twitching and shrieking.

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