Sunday, July 16, 2006


there are a lot of miserable things in life but one of the big ones must be nausea. i have been spinning and heaving since friday, so i haven't been around to write or do much of anything. i'm sure the heat is not helping, but seems like i am do for a spell of it and a Reglan IV looks damn good right about now. i see a doc on tuesday about other things but maybe he can get me that IV.
Hino wanted to go to some flea market today but i couldn't go. we can still go another day, though.
also, my car's CHECK ENGINE light comes on once in a while and i can't figure out why and i don't know when i'll be able to stop at a mechanic (i don't know if i trust MY mechanic). so. i'm bummed about that. i'm hoping someone can just hook it up to a computer thingy and finds out the problem without costing me an arm and a leg.
the summer work schedule is not helping. i work more hours during the week to make up for being closed saturday and it is really making me sick. i haven't had such pain in my legs and arms in a long time, i'm exhausted and sick to my stomach. the days have been horribly busy...several days of traffic over a thousand. the children's summer programs are annoying (not to mention the kids AND the parents). so, i work and come home to sleep and i miss many visits. i had one tonight, managed to stay an hour without throwing up.
oh, we had a bat program at the library but the lecturerer didn't bring bats! that really ticked me off. i wanted to see some bats!
so, as you can see, i am grumpy. somebody kill me.

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