Tuesday, July 04, 2006

the kids eat!

there are 2 kids that visit with their mother atleast for every visit that i am able to attend. Maniac Mike says the father of these kids gets a visit every time one is scheduled. these kids, a boy and a girl perhaps 9 or 10 years old are the skinniest kids of that age group that i have ever seen. they are borderline ethiopian famine refugees (though they are Puerto Rican). if they were my children, i would be ashamed! i would also FEED them. the boys neck is about as thick as my ankle, his legs look as if there is barely any muscle or fat under the skin. they look like a couple of corpses from a Tim Burton stop-animation movie.
at each visit, the mother and the father each get a soda and they split a bag of something or the father gets a bag of chips or more. i have NEVER ONCE seen either child get a drink. i have seen them go to the bubbler, but that's it. once in a great while, one of the kids may get a bag of chips or eat something from the father who always has something to eat and drink. it is shameful. we are only allowed to bring in ten dollars in coins, but still, everyone of them should be able to get a drink.
well, today, both kids got a Honey Bun along with the father. i have never seen the kids happier. they ate those damn pastries like they were going out of style (and they are Little Debbie, so they aren't).
let me tell you something more about the human waste of a father they have. when he first appeared in the mod, he was on the phone constantly; every chance he could be on that phone, he was. for the first three and a half weeks he was imprisoned, he hogged the phone talking to his wife/girlfriend and often, like soooo many of the men do, cussing her out over one thing or another. (and how is it that these women are around to receive the calls? don't they work or have something else to do?). then, one day, his phone calling just stopped. why? because the woman got the phone bill and couldn't afford to pay it. this happens all the time. phone hoggers get cut off when they find out they have rung up a $500 phone bill and their women cannot pay it. so, now, he never calls and the chances are great that that family does not have a phone. so nice of him to think of his kids.
now, every saturday, the inmates get their store orders which are items they purchased with their inmate accounts off a list the preceeding sunday. the maximum amount an inmate is allowed to spend, provided he has the funds, is $65. MM's order is about half that or a little more (which i do not pay for, he does. i also do not pay the $300 phone bill, he does. why? because he knows i cannot afford it!). well, the no-good dad, who does not even have a measley prison job, spends way more than MM each week and eats like a king every day. where do you suppose he gets that kind of money? why, he takes it out of his emaciated childrens' mouths!
it just kills us to see these kids at each visit. MM will joke with me..."when you go by a KFC, will you buy these kids a bucket!" i sure would like to. and more than that, i would like to give that mother of theirs a piece of my mind!

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