Sunday, July 30, 2006

Raynham Flea

Hino and i had plans to go to the Raynham Flea market saturday (yesterday). so, he calls me up at 9:30am and picks me up around 10:30ish. he drives. he has the GPS computer on and a very friendly female voice told us when to turn, bear right, stay straight, and when we were off course. Maniac Mike wanted to know if it was a sexy female voice. this makes me wonder if he has some kind of computer voice fetish.
anyway, when we got to the flea market we found that it was CLOSED! seems Hino did not read the website well enough. i got up early for nothing on my day off. bummer. the good news was i didn't feel weird being the passenger. he drove really well and i only had to apply my invisible brakes once.
so, today we set out again now that we know it is open on sunday. this time Hino was too tired to drive so we went in the convertible. it was very nice when we set out, but the drive home was fucking hot. i got home around 2:00pm.
Hino bought computers and computer parts, a jade turtle and a pair of scissors. i bought a pair of scissors and a set of Sharpies (for work), a bat cartoon necklace that flashes red lights, a Dale Jr hat for Maniac Mike, a black leather wallet on a chain for MM, two cross suncatchers for mother-in-law and a pengiun one for me. Hino also bought a tiny little porcelain skunk and a blown glass castle for his aunt. he had a coke and i had a nutty buddy. it was an okay flea market but a lot of the stuff was 'new', drugstore items, tools and lots of incense (which i like but i have enough). i think we were both a little disappointed. i guess we both like junk.
now i have taken a shower and i am listening to Art Bell as i type this.
Hino thinks my car needs a tune-up. that could be why the check engine light goes on. he heard the idle race or rumble or do something. so, i think i'll go to Sears and see what they can do. not today, though. i am all pooped out. the heat really zaps my i'm sure it does for everyone. i knew Hino was very hot and tired. since Art Bell's guest is not very interesting, i think i'll read Grave Peril by Jim Butcher, the third book in the Dresden Files. or i'll take a nap.

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