Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Book of the Dead

currently listening to my two favorite fiction authors. Agent Pendergast is in a Max prison and his friends are about to break him out. his brother, Diogenes is on the loose (killing) and the Natural History Museum received their entire diamond collection back, ground to grit. the Museum decides to reopen a lost exhibit after a 10 million dollar grant is sent to them to reopen the tomb of Senet. guess what? people are already being murdered in the exhibit, even before the grand opening. that's where i am right now.
our computer librarian went to an ALA function and heard Scott Brick (the narrator of the Preston/Child books) and she said he was HOT! he does have a fantastic voice especially with the Pendergast southern New Orleans buttery accent.
start with Relic and work up to this novel. great, fun reading.

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