Monday, July 31, 2006

busy day

well, it was just a busy day off. did a lot of running around and had a visit at 4pm. it is so hot outside and it is freezing in the visiting room. there is no happy medium. Maniac Mike is now taking Celexa in the morning and Trazadone at night. why the psych put him on two drugs at the same time puzzles me. my psych started me on one to see if there were side effects then added more, one at a time. so MM is having some weird symptoms and there is no way to tell which one is causing the side effects because, of course, the side effects reported on each drug are nearly identical. the Trazadone is for sleep yet he has to take it at 8pm. so, he still wakes up early in the morning like 3am. i used to take Trazadone and i had no side effects from it, but we are all different. he looked like hell today.
so now he is on five different meds, 3 over the counter and two prescribed. he still has a way to go to beat me. i hope he doesn't ever have to take more than me. someday, i hope i will only have to rely on Tylenol.
the nice guy, Dan, at Auto Zone said that HE could hook up my car and fing out why the check engine light is on but it has to BE ON in order to check it. today, the light did not come on at all and my car drove just as well as usual, happily playing Jimmy Buffet with the top down. i don't know why i have a vitamin D deficiency since i do get sun (but i rarely drink milk). damn, it is supposed to be in the 90's tomorrow and reach 100 on wednesday. what the fuck? this is New England not Arizona. i really am getting sick of the heat (like everyone else). and i bet BIG BUCKS that it will rain all september and october AGAIN this year so we won't have a happy autumn which is my favorite season, the days i wait for all year. hurumph.

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