Monday, March 20, 2006

yes, we live at the library

we had a cute little boy, who is a regular patron, visit us today. my cocircworker was checking him out when she said to him, "i saw you at the supermarket the other day." the boy looked a little puzzled and said, "you were at the supermarket? how can you be at the supermarket when you were HERE, at the liberry??" my cocircworker replied, "sometimes they let us go shopping." this appeased him. yes, we live at the library 24/7 and we get day passes to do our grocery shopping. sometimes, we even get a nap in the bookdrop bin.
one thing that has always puzzled me...why do some people come to the library every single day just to read one newspaper. we have an old creep who arrrives just after we open every day to read the Providence Journal. every single morning. if it's 9:01 and we haven't got the paper out yet, he comes to the desk and asks where it is. i make him wait until all the computers are up (they usually are but sometimes we are short staffed. tech is supposed to handle the papers, but if they are not in, we process the papers. also, technically, we only get paid from 9am, though we every day...start opening up at 8:45 or 8:50. off the clock.) it's not like this guy is hurting for cash, either. hell, he can spend the gas money to come to the library every day to read a 50 cent newspaper. when it's 9:30, when the director finally gets her ass to work, not that she ever does any work, the man will walk right into her office, no knock or anything. i guess they are 'friends' which really creeps me out. she has a lot of old male friends. it's so gross. my director is younger than i am by a couple of years, but she has elderly male acquaintances.
another thing that pisses me off...everyone moans about our director. she's a BOSS, not a director. she's a micromanager that cannot keep her own office in order. she literally has paper dispersed on every surface and on the floor. there is food buried under mounds of old papers, mounds of paper and magazines on the two chairs in her office. it's embarrassing. anyway, this morning, two coworkers moaned about having to set up the directors one and only program. but then, come 10:30, these same people rush into the breakroom with her to have their break. WTF? of course, taking a break with the boss means you can stretch your 15 minute break to 30 minutes, so i guess there is an advantage. meanwhile, little circworkers cannot take our breaks because the staff room is full, no chairs or table space and no peace and quiet. so, we wait. same thing with lunch, only worse, because now we cannot use the microwave because everyone else is using it. yet, circstaff must finish lunches before 2pm or our circhead gets reamed by our boss who hogs the break room with the very same people who claim they do not even want to be near her. GRRRRR!

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