Friday, March 17, 2006

staff training part 2

we had another morning of staff training yesterday. it was much more streamlined than the demonstration our circhead gave us monday. my cocircworker, who trained us thursday, actually had a nifty Power Point show and handouts! i still think the new system will drive us all to drink and possibly to an early grave. it is that terrible. awful. one of our patrons told us that the ladies in Cumberland were bitching and moaning about it. i cannot blame them. i bitch and moan about Millennium too, but i try not to in front of the patrons. this will probably change.
the best think about training in the morning was all the FOOD we brought in: bagels and homemade scallion cream cheese, walnut coffee cake, cookies and homemade lemon-honey muffins! OINK OINK

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