Friday, March 03, 2006

Lent and work candy

Forty days of hell. i have not had a good Lent for a few years now. i always "give in". this year, i have given up coffee. again. last year, i think i made it 22 days before i gave in. i used to be so good during Lent when i was younger. i would give up chocolate and not take one lousy bite of anything with any kind of chocolate in it. then, as i got older, i would give up chocolate with exemptions. brownies didn't count. hot chocoalte didn't count. if i felt sick, i could have chocolate. on Sunday, i could have chocolate. full moon? chocolate. if the day ended in Y...chocolate!
so, once again, i give up coffee. it's the second biggest temptation at work. the first is candy of all sorts. i will not give up work candy. i rarely eat it at home but i will happily make a pig of myself at work.
i also promised not to eat meat on fridays. well, guess what happened today? i went to the market and bought some shrimp for supper being friday. then i totally forgot i bought shrimp, totally forgot it was friday and stopped at Wendy's for chicken nuggets. grrrrrrr. yes, i ate the damn nuggets! i didn't want to waste them. right. that's what i tell myself.
WORK CANDY is not like any candy i would buy for myself (alone). for instance, i would not buy a 2 pound bag of gummy bears for myself, but i buy them for work. ditto for the mega box of Swedish Fish, the Whitman's box of chocolate, the 5 pound box of Twizzlers, and the bags and bags of assorted Hershey and Nestle Chocolates, the packs and packs of Doublemint and Wintermint gum, the Altoids (Ginger, Wintergreen and Peppermint) and any left over on-sale holiday candy, especially if it's chocolate. WORK CANDY can be found in several places, the biggest stash being behind the circ desk. we have a huge crate of it under the third computer, right under the applications and beside the bandaids and pills. then there is the MegaBowl on the secretaries desk. tech services has a little canning glass jar of (mostly good) chocolates and the computer librarian has a small container on her desk. there is the staff table, too. i don't know what reference has but i'm sure they have a small stash of their own. when children's room staff want candy, they must come to circ and bow down to us, the Candy Goddesses. there can never be too much candy! i am looking forward to the day after Easter...all that marked down half-priced candy! just like Halloween. after Halloween, we all brought in our leftover candy and i swear, when we pooled it, we had a mound almost a foot tall. and we ate every last bit of it! *BURP*

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