Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Obsidian Butterfly

Obsidian Butterfly is the 9th book in the Laurell K Hamilton Anita Black Vampire Hunter series and it is the best so far. if you have never read any of her books, you can try this one and not be too lost. in this book, she goes to work with Edward to solve a mutilation murders case in New Mexico. i am 3/4's of the way through and i have already figured out what the murderer is only because i have some small knowledge of Meso American religion. but the book is fascinating and i like how she approaches the subject. i highly recommend this book for a good, action packed, quick read. and is soooo cool. (Maniac Mike was right. he is a great character!)
Hino and i actually got to meet Laurell K Hamilton during her book tour, in an old church in Boston. i had not read any of her books back then, but went because she is MM's favorite author and i wanted to get some books signed and a photo with her to give to him. she was VERY gracious. the crowd asked great questions and she happily answered them. her husband was a sweetheart, too. i told LKH that she was my husbands favorite author but couldn't make it because he was in prison. she said prisoners were great fans and generally wrote thoughtful, kind letters. apparently, she has quite a male following for a female writer with a lead female character.
our penguin fetish started when MM sent me a little Sigmund penguin...a stuffed toy that Anita sleeps with when she is not bonking vampires and werewolves. he was my first penguin. i have about 200 different penguin items now that range from plushies to silver charms to Christmas ornaments to books and blown glass, given to me by MM, Hino, my sister and family, Queequeg, MM's mom and friends.
Hino named my 2 foot tall plastic penguin CP after Corporation Penguin in a Beatles song. all my stuffed ones have names, too. Ishmael, Billy Budd, Typee, Fiesta, etc. (we started with the Melville theme first because i had a prairie dog named Queequeg. ) i have so many, that i have to write the names on the tags so i don't forget them.
MM would love to have a pair of real live penguins one day and so would i, but i don't think that would be possible. but we think about it and it makes us happy. we both were able to see March of the Penguins and we both cried a little and laughed a lot. PENGUINS RULE! they are beautiful, kind, loving animals and we cannot look at any penguin without smiling. great antidepressants!

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