Friday, March 17, 2006

Martha please, no more animals!

Martha Stewart, would you please stop featuring animals on your show! Maniac Mike saw an Irish Wolfhound on Martha this morning and now he wants one. i'll admit, it seems like a great dog, loving and friendly, and lazy at times. they are the tallest dogs in the world, HUGE really. they would easily take up most of a full size mattress. MM seems to think that an Irish Wolfhound would keep the coyotes from our (imaginary) goats and chickens but we both agree that any dogs we might have would not be left outside at night. he would live in the house, with us, always. besides, the goats and chickens would have a barn, right? and a fence around it.
the terrible downside would be that they are incredibly short lived. they are lucky to live ten years and the can be rife with health problems. it is hard to lose any pet, but especially hard when they die so young, like Queequeg. today would be his eighth birthday. he was a Polish-Irish-Italian American prairie dog. Polish because our family is Polish, Irish because he was born on St Patrick's Day and Italian because he loved my mother's lasagne. he would go into a kind of happy trance while eating it. then, when he was done, he would lift up and stretch out his little fingers so his auntie cold wash them for him. he did not like to be dirty.

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