Sunday, March 05, 2006

Broccolli home again

Broccolli was sent home today without any real diagnosis. an ecocardiogram is recommended and he does need a dental cleaning but he can't be put under anasthesia until heart problems are ruled out. once he got home, he ate like he was starving and licked his little toy "babies". he had a whole lot of water, too. he was not happy about the IV bandage, but we had to wait two hours until removing it. my sister went out ot get him some deli ham and catfood. i haven't got another emergency call since i've been home, so i guess he has settled down. i think i did see him twitch a few times, but no one else really saw it but me.
i am at the tail end of a migraine so i think i will lay down for an hour or so, then i hope to read some. i am 100 pages into Narcissus In Chains now. Micah has been introduced and Richard is being as asshole. i really do not like Richard. i may also have some coconut/pineapple ice cream but i really want some cotton candy.

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