Saturday, March 18, 2006

Fighting in the visiting room

well, not actual fist fighting, just a really loud bitch yelling, kicking and slapping her man. i could only hear her when she hollered, so i don't know what the fight was about but there were an awful lot of fuck you's coming out of her mouth. several times, she'd kick the guy under the table. she slapped his hands and arms and threw wadded up Hershey Kiss wrappers at him. there was an awful lot of finger pointing and slapping motions. and boy, could she bitch. a solid hour of nonstop bitchery. wow. now, this is somewhat unfair as the visitor really has all the power during a visit. the guy can't do anything without risking big trouble. so, he just sat there and took it. maybe he deserved it and maybe not, but she was nasty. Maniac Mike said that if i were to go nuts and start screaming, he would calmy ask me to leave and stand up...which ends the visit. once the inmate stands up, the visit is over. i can't think why i would scream at him, though.
there are a set of brothers who committed their sex crime TOGETHER and they are housed together (which is damn stupid). usually, their mom comes to see them and they visit with her, together. tonight, the long-haired brother got a visit from a woman that we have never seen before. they must have known each other well, because the kissed like a couple of leeches sucking off each other. and the poor woman was damn DAMN unattractive. she looked like a male impersonater. weird. then the creeps brother came out and had a visit with a couple we had never seen before. there were a lot of people in the visiting room that we had never seen before and the room hasn't been so full since Christmas. it was a really odd night.
MM spent a good deal of it telling me about last nights South Park and one of his favorite episodes with Timmy and his Turkey Gobbles. and he ate more Pop Tarts. if i never see another Pop Tart, it would be too soon.

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