Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Big Ass gives us 'flowers'

Mr Big Ass gave the ladies at circ flowers today for being so nice and helpful. no, not real flowers. tissue paper flowers. flowers he made himself with his big, grungy, bandaid ridden hands. at first, we thought they were made out of toilet paper. shiver. they were just crepe paper, scrunched into a semi-floral shape, wrapped with green florist tape on silver wire stems. bizarre. men are so weird. big, stinky ass men are even weirder. like this would be enough to thank us for his many visits, stinking up the computer chairs (cloth..bad idea!), blowing his foul breath in our faces, flashing his brown spotted and torn underwear and generally making us gag. no, it is nowhere near enough. but atleast he didn't BAKE us anything.
oh, God. i just made myself puke.

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