Monday, March 06, 2006

nothin' special

it was a Nothin' Special kind of day. work was busy. had a long visit. spent most of it talking about South Park. Maniac Mike filled me in on what happened during the Oscars. i tried not to yawn. i just don't find the Oscars the least little bit interesting. i am glad March of the Penguins won for best documentary, though. we didn't make fun of anybody as there were a lot of normal folk there today. White Boot Lady bought herself a new pair of Nikes. wow! i hope she has thrown those godawful white boots away. i got home around 9pm, took my shower and now i am ready to read before i go to bed. i'm drinking a Watermelon Soda from Panera Bread. i bought it saturday, dropped it and decided it would be best to wait before opening it. forgot about it yesterday and just found it again tonight. i opened it and the damned thing exploded. you would think it would have settled by now. i also have some banana flavored cotton candy, so i'll munch on that while i read. i'm burning a Yankee Candle Storm Watch votive. YC will stop selling unwrapped votives. that's usually what i buy. i like the unwrapped ones. they are bigger and cheaper. they also no longer have chocolate candles. those were good to light for healing animals. brown is the color to use and chocolate is a positive scent. oh well, nothing good ever lasts. sigh.

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