Tuesday, March 28, 2006

more Millennium

one of the entertaining things about getting a new system is to read all the frantic e-mails from other libraries. people are clearly upset. we can practically hear them crying or yelling through the computer monitor. some have great questions but most are more like: Why can't i do this? or Why can't i find that? one library wanted to know why only 2-letter codes were popping up for ILL delivery addresses (rather than our previous 3-letter codes). this was covered months ago and we all wondered where they have been. so, now they have no idea where to send things which is understandable because the 2-letter codes are very confusing. Still, if their circhead or the ILL staff had a clue, if they attended even one training session, they would've had the chart of codes a long time ago. i can only imagine the chaos they are in 'down' there.
we had all decided, during our last system 'upgrade', that we would not post any e-mails, frantic or otherwise, because we really did not want other libraries to know how truly dumb we could be. we figured we'd let other libraries appear stupid and learn from the answers they received from their questions. finally, those libraries were asked to tone down their 'nastiness' and to have all e-mails approved through data processing. it was really awful. i hope it doesn't deteriorate to those lows again (but it's not looking good).

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