Wednesday, March 08, 2006

banned for life!

yesterday, we banned two kids from the computers. one was banned 'for life' (which means 'until his mommy comes in and complains about it'. good. we NEED to speak to his mommy.) he had 2 previous bans, the third is for good. then he had a tantrum and threw his backpack across the room. i would have called the police but the director is such a wuss. the second kid got kicked off for 2 weeks for game-playing. this was his second banning.
had a kid i've never seen before come in to the library after school. he asked if he could use the phone for 10 minutes. 10 minutes?! he started to tell me what was wrong...he had a project due at school (which is right across the parking lot) and he needed to talk....that's when i cut him off. "no, sorry. you must use the phone at the school." he protested that he didn't have a quarter. "the school will give you a quarter". he huffed and went away. who would think that we would let anyone use the phone for ten minutes? please!

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