Tuesday, March 28, 2006


the children's librarian has a stalker. he comes in to use the computer and he's a real piece of shit. the first thing he does when he comes in is to go over to the children's room and talk to our librarian. this last time, he cornered her in the back area of the kid's room, where it is sort of dark and not visible from our circdesk and asked her if she could read him a story. like that is original? she told him he would have to be twelve or under. he knows she is married, too, because she has told him several times. after he was brushed off, he used a computer. we have since found out that he sells sporting goods online on a very poorly maintained website and he has another website dedicated to making marijuana legal. so, when he conducts his business over our computers, we wonder just what he is doing. he is the guy we have to tell over and over again that he cannot use a cell phone in the building. he always tries to brush us off and he often tells us he is conducting important business and it's an important call. oh, well then, please keep talking, asshole! now, when he heads over to the kid's room, one of use runs over there, stands nearby pretending to sort books, or we pretend we have an important question to ask our librarian. this seems to muddle him up and he rushes out of the library.
does he really think he can win over our intelligent, sweet and married librarian?! honestly, i wonder what goes through this losers mind! (i probably do not want to know!)

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