Wednesday, March 01, 2006

oh, shit!

just a quick question. why do some people smell like shit? i don't mean that they have BO or other weird smells...a lot of other people have that. but some people smell like real shit. crap. doodoo. not kids in diapers...we have a lot of that, too. but older kids and grown adults. like tonight, we had a girl, maybe 12, come into the library to do some work. she smelled like warm shit. it was gross! we have two patrons with such foul breath that also smells just like shit. just their they ate shit for breakfast or something. so bad, that i must step way back from the desk when they speak. gross. i'd estimate that 4 or 5 people a week (not a high number, really) come in reeking of shit. this just puzzles me. do they not wipe? do they rub it on themselves? what? sheesh people, buy some Charmin!

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