Wednesday, March 15, 2006

kids and non-parents

wednesdays are Book Buddies days. little kids come in to have bigger kids read to them from 4pm to 5pm. it is complete pandamonium. i don't know how anyone can hear anyone else. the kids run around like a bunch of monkeys and the parents are no better. does anyone ever use their library voice anymore? the trouble is the children's room is right next to the circ desk. there is a half wall partition and that's it. we can see and hear everything that goes on in the childrens room. we could see our poor, abused fill-in childrens librarian rolling her black rimmed, weary eyes at us and we could only give her our sympathy. she does not hold this program. the teen advisor does. oh, how we would all love to have a closed and separate childrens room. we would gladly give our pound of flesh apiece for it.
then, at 6pm, we had yet another childrens program in the meeting room. the meeting room and our staff break room are separated by a door. we can hear everything that goes on in the meeting room. i ate my dinner to the sounds of a really lame, kiddie dinosaur movie. it was so freakin' loud, i could not hear myself chew. then the movie ended and the shrieking began. why must kids SHRIEK! we also had three kids in the childrens room playing a computer learning game. they were so loud, they could be heard everywhere in the library. they were told to please use their library voices (ie: shut up!) three times, right infront of their equally loud and gabby and oblivious non-mothers. AAARGH!
and, of course, we had the middle school teens. they weren't so bad today.
if we had a director who was not afraid to direct, we would not have teens and kids running around the library, screaming. we would not have 2, 3, 4 year old kids wandering (and screaming) all around the library because their non-parent was using the computer in the main library, not paying any mind to their kid. the other day we had two little kids, could not have been over 4 years old, walking around the childrens area, wimpering. the teen advisor asked them where their mom or dad was and they said, "Rachel!! waaaaaah!" seems their twent-something babysitter was using the computer as far away from them as she could get. when the teen advisor told her the kids could not be left on their own, she huffed and gave us all the stink-eye. i would have LOVED to have called her employer and ratted her out. i would have LOVED that!
i am also so sick of the parents who drop their tiny kids off in the kids room and then go off into the library, looking for books and videos without a clue as to what their kids are doing or who might be eyeing them (for nefarious reasons). do they think we will mind their kids? do we look like a babysitting service? do they WANT theirr kids to be hurt or kidnapped? what is wrong with these parents??? i am dumbfounded by thier behavior. dumbfounded. i want to pull every one of them aside and tell them about all the child molestors in prison and how easy it is to have a child go missing. i want to scare the shit out of them.
but i can't. i really don't like kids or babies but if any child gets hurt while i'm on duty, i will feel awful and guilty for not having ESP and eyes in the back of my head to watch all these kids. and you know the parent will blame us anyway.
all you better not let me catch you typing in your mommie blog while your teeny tiny child is loose in the library. you just better NOT!

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