Friday, March 17, 2006


had a visit today. had a little 'discussion' with another elderly woman with a fancy-smancy three wheeled walker with handbrakes and a basket, painted teal. i was a little late. as i walked by the Tricycle Lady, she was just getting out of her car parked in the handicapped spot. i walked from 3 rows away, but she must have thought i just got out of huge van also parked in a handicapped spot. she said, "did you put your handicapped sign up. i don't see it." er, "that's not my van", i replied and pointed. "because they may tow you if they can't see your sign." um, "that's NOT my car." i walk into the visiting check-in area and walk right up to the desk, because i'm late and there is no one else in line. Tricycle Lady rolls in behind me, "i worry sometimes that they won't see my sign and tow my car." i said, "they won't tow you." "do you have a handicapped sign on you license plate? they may not see that either." now i am a tad bit annoyed and told her a little too snippishly, "i am parked three rows back and i DO NOT have a handicapped sign!" then i totally ignored her. i told Maniac Mike what happened and he proceeded to tell me that her husband was a child molester and he overheard a conversation in the pill line last week. there is a One-Legged child molester in a wheelchair. he gets visits so i know who he is. MM says he is always telling lame jokes and all his child molester buddies think he's hilarious. seems Tricycle Lady's husband was pushing the One-Leggedf fucker one night and they were in the pill line in front of MM. they were talking about the fact that they will not be registered as sex offenders in RI because of the law that states that they would not have to register if they committed their crimes before 1992. MM said that they were gleeful and clearly happy about this. MM was disgusted. RI just coddles sex offenders, we have one person registered as a sex offender in the whole state and i don't even know how to find that information. one person. there are hundreds in prison. baby rapers, sicko perverts and violent rapists. what the fuck is wrong with this state?
so, i am not sorry i was snippy with the Tricycle Lady. if you support a child rapist, you are just as guilty.
MM also told me of the day the One Legged freak asked MM to push him back to the mod after a visit. he said, "i don't help child molesters" and he walked away while the One-Legger's mouth gaped.

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