Thursday, June 01, 2006

beat down

Maniac Mike was telling me about the time that One and a Half Push-ups got beat up by an inmate, a cousin of MM's Nascar buddy, Saleem. One 1/2 is a pathetic guard who we heard bragging to another guard that he passed the academy by doing only one and a half push-ups. all that was 'required' was one push-up. sad, right? One is a big fat dummy...he would be the fuck-up on any tv show...the dumb slob doctor that barely passed medical school or the neighbor that never has a girlfriend and sits in front of the tv watching Girls Gone Wild while chugging down generic label beer. anyway, last summer, Saleem's cousin had just finished a visit and was called back into the little room that is used to search inmates. Cousin was just granted parole, too. seems Cousin did not like the way One was playing his hands all over his body or some such and Cousin beat up One 1/2. so, six or seven guards break it up and Cousin is taken to Seg for ten days. One 1/2, though not badly hurt, gets 2 months paid leave per the Union. here's the clincher: the whole episode was filmed and One 1/2 used inappropriate behavior and clearly started the whole incident. he was reprimanded and almost fired over it...though it is impossible to fire these Union guards. still, he got 2 months vacation. Cousin was told that the incident would not effect his parole and he was basically cleared of the wrongdoing. is that something, or what?
this is the first time i'm hearing of it because MM just starting talking with Saleem about Nascar as they are both fans. so, let me bust a little stereotype right now...Saleem is a black Muslim and he loves Nascar! how cool is that!? Nascar is not just for Rednecks anymore.

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