Wednesday, June 28, 2006


we have an opening for a page. we have had a couple of applications turned in. one girl is the daughter of a CRAZY woman. literally, needs meds and forgets to take them. there does not seem to be anything wrong with the daughter. not quite. since she has turned in her application, she has called the library 4 times to speak to the director or my circ head. she has dropped in a half dozen times...all to see if she has been hired yet. she is acting so desperate and we wonder why. maybe, if she has this job, she will be less under her mother's thumb. maybe she would like to have some spending money...i don't think mom works. i don't think she is capable. the thing is, no one wants to hire this girl precisely because her mom is a whack job who can go off at any time without warning. it feels wrong to deny the kid a job but we are all afraid of what might happen if we do hire her. hell, her mom could do all sorts of things and hang around the library or who knows what. this kid could be the worlds best page, too. i'm glad i don't have to make the decision although we (circ staff) have all mentioned that we are concerned about nutcase mom.
last night, nutcase mom came in to pay off a fine on one of her daughters cards. it was seventy-five cents. she paid with a roll of pennies, two Canandian dimes and a foreign coin roughly the size of a nickel. this is all she did. she did not check out any items or use the computer. she just came in to pay the fine. our only male circ staff helped her. about 15 minutes later, nutcase mom calls back and another circworker gets the call. nutcase wanted to ask about a fine on her other daughters card and she wanted to talk to the man with glasses that looked like a young Benjamin Franklin. um. right. the guy looks nothing like Ben. and why didn't she ask about her other daughters fines when she was at the library 15 minutes ago? because she is a NUTCASE!
so, should we hire the daughter? she is a little pushy but she might not have inherited the nuttiness.

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