Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dave, the delivery guy

every weekday we get a delivery of interlibrary loan items. many bins and boxes. Dave is the delivery guy tuesday thru friday and he drives a white delivery van. he is older, grumpy, a little annoying and not attractive (atleast, not to us. to his wife, maybe). he's gruff. today, Dave came in with a load of bins and my coworker and i were taping up the cardboard boxes that were full and ready to go. my hands were shaking and i said, "hell, i don't know why my hands are shaking?" and my coworker said, right in front of poor Dave, "that's 'cause Dave's here and you're all excited." i was told (as i didn't see for myself) that poor Dave turned bright red. me, i just shook my head and laughed. after he left, i said to the same coworker, "yeah, every time i see that white truck i get wet!" and she busted out laughing and so did everyone on staff that she told the story to. sheesh!

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