Sunday, June 04, 2006


i was reading a post on to my husband. the post stated that a midget prostitute was reported in an area and when the cops checked it out, there was no midget. i thought this was funny. then Maniac Mike says to me, "i've always wanted to do it with a midget." HUH?! so i said, "no, you're kidding, right?" he wasn't kidding. he said he never met a midget prostitute or a midget stripper (and there are none at Hooters) but he heard of a famous midget porn star.
the first thing that pops into my head is a naked Rosie O'Donnell because whenever i think of a female midget i think of her. it's her arms. they are not fully formed or something. they stopped growing at some point and they look like Little People arms. so now i have this picture in my mind of MM boinking Rosie and i'm, like, gagging. but i know he hates her, too, so it didn't go that far.
MM asks me to see if i can find the midget porn star on the web ("she has long black hair, i think. she may be named Thumbelina"). didn't find her but OH MI GOD! there is midget porn all over the place. innocent little munchkins are doing it all over the damn web...what would Dorothy think? now, some of those girls were kinda cute but the midget men...BRRRRRRR! they give me the cold shivers. EEK and all that. shit, i have enough with the Midget that comes into the library and he's not really a midget (just small and short and creepy).
anyway, who am i to stop anyone's fantasy. if MM can find a cute midget, fine, but i do not want to hear about it, know about it or see the pictures. that is just way too much off the kink scale for me.

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