Saturday, June 24, 2006


last night, i watched Minotaur. eight youths must be sacrificed to the beast. don't expect any Greek mythology. just a bunch of teens thrown down a "labrynth" to feed a very ugly, very hungry beast (that slightly resembles a bull.) i love creature features but this creature lacked a whole lot of something.
speaking of Creature Features, WB out of Boston is hosting a double creature feature every saturday at noon. Maniac Mike was watching Godzilla vs the Smog Monster when i arrived for the visit. that particular Godzilla film is not one of my favorites. someone was smoking some serious dope when they came up with that monster. very campy (duh), very 70's. almost expect to see the Brady kids pop out in their groovy matching outfits and sing. don't laugh, but i actually DO have the Brady Bunch kids on CD. i bought it at a weak moment and i think Hino was with me. maybe. if he was with me, i'm sure he encouraged the purchase!

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