Friday, June 09, 2006

almost missed my visit

i had a 3:50 visit today. i arrived ahead of time and checked in. once i went through the metal detector, the guard told me that i could not where the shirt i had on. they wouldn't let me in EVEN THOUGH i had worn this same shirt to visits several times over the years (and this was not a new guard). i was so fucking pissed. if it had been any other visiting time, i would have had plenty of time to get to a Walmart to buy a t-shirt and throw it on, but for this visit, you must be checked in by 4:30 or you don't get in. so, my only option was to fly down the road to Cohoes, a store i cannot afford and pray they had something cheap enough to wear that would pass. i ended up with a crappy sky blue stretch tee ( hate stretch tees) for $16 fucking dollars. i could've just went home but there was no way in hell i was going to let that fucking institution win. i was going to get my damn visit. so, i changed in the store parking lot, flew back to the prison, ran in, ran right through the machine, didn't say a damn word and neither did they, and i got my fucking visit.
what really, really pissed me off was i had worn that same shirt MANY times and no one even hinted that there was anything wrong with it. this guard HIMSELF has seen me in the shirt before and said nothing. once i wore a shirt that another guard said was a V-neck (which it wasn't) but he let me go into the bathroom and turn the shirt around back to front. they would not let me do that this time.
i don't know how this institution runs. they make up rules on the spot. everyone has their own agenda. guards play with their Gameboys when they should be watching the inmates, they steal magazines from the mail from the inmates, they throw piles of mail away (witnessed many time), they bring tv's into their control rooms that aren't allowed, one inmate gets told one thing and another gets a whole other story. it's a joke that the taxpayers of RI do not get. it is the guards' salaries that drive up the cost of keeping the institution running. guards that get paid maternity for MONTHS when their wives give birth. the guards in the visiting room do NOTHING but tell us where to sit and pat down the inmates as they arrive and leave. they sit around drinking coffee and bullshitting. they don't even patrol the tables as they should and they often sit with their backs to the room. and they are among the laziest fuckers anywhere. the toughest beat in RI MY ASSHOLE!

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