Thursday, June 29, 2006

did YOU steal her identity?

nutcase...the mom with the girl who wants to be a page...was in again today. she secretively spoke with the circhead and director. turns out, her identity is being stolen "all over the place" and her family has been using her name for doctor's appointments, etc. strange. so, she wanted us to BE SURE no one else can use her library card. she wanted to add 4 digits of her social security number to her name that is on the card and then quiz her each time she uses the card to be sure she is, er, herself. the trouble with this patron is: she rarely has her card on her and we have looked her up and her children up with a license. my circhead very wisely told her that now that we are 'aware' of her 'troubles', she will ALWAYS have to have her card on her otherwise the scheme won't work. something like that. at the end of the 10 minute, confusing talk, nutcase said something to the circhead like, "if the government got ahold of these numbers, then i could have your job" (ie: they would let her work her job) to which my circhead said, "well, you can have it right now if you want it!" HA! so, nutcase is not only nuts, she is also paranoid, which is far more disturbing. her kid will NOT be working at the library as mom has now sealed her fate. good work mom!

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