Sunday, June 04, 2006

Kasey Kahne

Maniac Mike is all about Nascar these days. everyday, he mentions Nascar in some way. every visit, he eats a pop tart and tells me all about the last race. he talks about going to the races and all the fun "we'll" have. right. watching those cars go round and round will only give me a migraine. of course, i like crashes. crashes are fun as long as no one gets seriously hurt. just pisssed.
anyway, MM told me that Kasey Kahne made the Top 100 Beautiful People in People magazine. i still haven't seen the magazine as it is lent out at the moment, but i found some pics and here's one. um. he's okay, i guess. a little too young, little too squeaky clean, little too 'boy-next-door' (cue Judy Garland). yawn. not my type. but MM is pretty hyped Kasey made the cut and Jeff Gordon didn't. he hates Jeff Gordon...but i think it's more of a love/hate relationship. he loves him when he loses (or loses it).

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