Tuesday, June 06, 2006


i had the weirdest dreams last night. i dreamed i was visiting a zoo for large reptiles (not quite dinosaurs) and one escaped from it's cage and was traquilized and wrestled back in. the damn thing was pink. then, by a pool, we were going to watch some sort of show when it erupted, the earth shook and two green beams of light burst from the water. the congrete cracked, people were running and screaming. two kids fell in the pool. they were in the water, then they began to rise on top of a black-green coral reef. the reef rose higher and higher until a head pulled out of the water and we all saw that it was Godzilla. shit. we all ran and all i could think of was, "this is weird. we aren't even in Tokyo." it went on for a while. lots of screaming and running. Lucille Ball showed up. two brave kids tried to trap G, then it just ended. i was also having a nighmare around 8:00 am but thankfully, my husband called and woke me up out of it. i have to be at work in one hour. fuck.

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