Tuesday, June 06, 2006


well, the big bad day has come and nearly gone. i listened to the Misfits in the car to and from work and last night i bought Maniac Mike a Hell, Michigan t-shirt...just like this one. boy, i would love to wear that one to work. my director would fucking flip (and send me home to change).
the day at work was relatively stress free though our delivery was massive. hmmmm. no fucked up, stanky, crazy or wild patrons today. maybe they are all at home celebrating Black Masses. or maybe they all finally remembered to take their medication. or they were afraid to come out to the library knowing what devils we are. still, i am alittle disappointed not to have had something happen today. well, still a couple hours to go. maybe the earth WILL open up and swallow us down. save me a seat by deSade, thanks.

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