Tuesday, June 13, 2006

staff room toilet

i feel really bad for library staff that must use the public toilets, so i should feel guilty for complaining about our Staff Only watercloset. why is it that nearly every time i want to wash my hands or pee i have to follow a fellow staffer that just took the nastiest, smelliest dump on earth? i try to save all my shitting for the comfort of my own bathroom. i shit before work, or wait until i get home (unless i am sick, and then i am just as guilty, i guess). today, we had three, stinky, gross dumps which could be smelled from the hallway. what are these people eating?
our bathroom is tiny. just a weird toilet that is way too low to the ground (i think now it would be illegal to install such a toilet. it would probably have to be handicap accesible.) the flusher is a big, silver knob on the side of the toilet that is so low, there would be no way to avoid bending way over the toilet to push it. so, most of us use our foot to push it in and it is quite hard to push. the toilet paper container is new (well, second hand from the senior center which got all new stuff) and much better than the last dispenser, which was a block of metal with one roll that i always bumped into on the way down or up from the toilet. it was literally at our right knee and very hard to use.
across from the toilet is a big white sink and a very nice soap dispenser (foamy white soap, mmmmmm), a paper towel dispenser ("pull paper down with two hands") and a mirror. the mirror is useless because it is far too dark in the bathroom to check your makeup.
i don't feel entirely comfortable using the loo at work. at my old cashiering job, i'd hold it all in, the toilet was so gross AND we let the public use it, too.
how many feel uncomfortable dumping at work? am i just weird?

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