Thursday, June 22, 2006


today i received a HUGE bouquet of flowers at work! sunday is our 3 year wedding anniversary and MM sent me flowers. this was the nicest bouquet yet. he always tries to get me plumerias, but i try to explain to him that around here, florists won't have plumerias. so, he always asks for the most fragrant bouquets because i love smelly flowers. they always include lillies and i love lillies. this bouquet came with huge baby blue hydrangeas, orange gerber daisies, irises, huge pink roses, little pink roses, and about 7 other kinds of flowers as well as a fragrant (eucalyptus like) greenery. i wish i could use my digital camera to post pics. Hino needs to help me with that soon.
anyway, i love my flowers! oh, and i also received a super cute white and black enameled silver penguin charm and a silver ladybug charm for my bracelet. i need to have the charms professionally attached soon. it also needs a good cleaning because i wear it all the time.

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