Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ripper snitchers

there are two sets of brothers that often have visits. there is a set of Cambodian brothers with long hair that they often get braided. one brother has a a huge black KHMER tattoo on his arm. they did not commit sex crimes.
then we have a set of Puerto Rican brothers who DID commit a sex crime, together. rape. a couple of no good pieces of shit Rippers. seems they get harrassed by one of MM's young Pagan friends (a good kid, but not so bright). the kid cannot stand one of the brothers in particular and Rippers and Chesters in general. the Pagan had words with the Ripper and the Ripper's Ripper brother ran right over to the guard and whined like a little baby that his brother was being harrassed by this kid and he's in with the Pagans and they are all in the Aryaan Brotherhood which is FALSE FALSE FALSE. a. big. fat. lie.
in a real prison, altercations are taken care of between the inmates. in real prisons, rapists are not in with the general population and are among the scum and they certainly would not go whining to a guard over something another inamte said to him.
MM thinks this facility gets Big Bucks for each inmate in the Sex Program, so the Rippers and Chesters are coddled. i would like to find out for sure and, if it's true, how much does money does this involve.

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