Wednesday, June 07, 2006


god damn fucking rain, AGAIN! i am sick to death of rain. when are we going to start the damn summer? i still have to put the heater on in the bathroom to take a shower. and every fucking day it rains, i am more fatigued and more sore and more bitchy. when i went to work at 2pm, the rain was pouring down, the road was littered with leaves and branches, i drove through gargantuan lakes of water and had to put the heat on in my poor convertible which is just PINING to put it's top down. really, she whines to me. she can't take the rain, either.
had another damn Godzilla dream. WTF?? this time, i was in the Phillipines with a Gozilla killer guerilla squad (say that 5 times fast) and we were simultaneously running away from and chasing Godzilla. to kill him. and i wanted to kill him. i. want. him. dead. and out of my dreams. i thought of the Phillipines because Art Bell posted a letter on Coast and he is now in the islands.
kids. hate um. the brattiest, most irritating kids always manage to spot the candy (WHICH IS FOR THE STAFF! GET YOUR FUCKING FILTHY PAWS OUT OF THE CANDY DISH!) on the secretaries desk. How? they have to go through a doorway that is clearly part of the backroom and not inviting in the least. we have to yell at them, "please come out of there...don't touch that!" while their mothers are clueless and have lost control of their kids years ago. i would be embarrassed if my kid had done that.
speaking of brats: i just read an article in People which reported on a woman who worked as a teacher in a Catholic school. she wanted to get pregnant, but couldn't do it 'naturally', so she use invetro. she and her husband had twins. she got fired because she did not follow church teaching which does not 'allow' invetro (which would also involve freezing and/or killing fertilized eggs). i didn't know this about my own religion. i have two minds on this issue. 1) it is discrimination. period. and the one i favor 2) hurray! i am sick to death of all these Christian couples who can't have kids so instead of adopting, they go off and get invetro and have 5 babies and thank God because he must have intended them to have 5 (even the babies born sick with special needs). i always think that God REALLY must have intended them NOT to have brats because they could not produce them 'naturally'. maybe God intended for their selfish asses to adopt? do they ever think of that? so, i say fuck her. she knew the terms she was hired under. i don't believe a LOT of what my church teaches, either, but she knew the deal. now she is a Lutheran. hell, i get pissed at my church, too but damn, i would never want to be anything else. until they excommunicate me, that is.

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